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White Paper Cover

In this white paper, Jaspar Roos introduces the reader to the worlds and challenges of corporations and startups, and gives some key points how both can benefit from one another. 

The reader follows the story of Jim, a corporate innovation manager, who's on a quest to keep up with the latest development in the drone market. On his mission to solve this problem, he discovers the world of startups and learns about their mentality and way of work. 


Jaspar is a renowned international authority & keynote speaker in the field of innovation and trends. Currently, he is co-founder and partner at XL family (www.xlfamily.com), an international incubator and accelerator with stakes in many different initiatives, from impact startups to new innovation tooling. Prior to XL family, Jaspar has been the Chief Inspiration Officer for ABN AMRO Bank for many years. Managing the innovation and venturing lab Dialogues Incubator, Jaspar is one of the pioneers in themes as corporate innovation, human driven cultures, wearable technology and crowdfunding.