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hype-logo-white-events  LIVE WEBINAR SERIES

Women in Innovation:
How Female Corporate Innovators Are Leading the Way

11 Corporate Innovators, 3 Panels.

Global Female Leaders Discuss Technology, Purpose-Driven Innovation, Leadership, Culture, and Open Innovation

HYPE Innovation and Natalie Turner are excited to launch our first collaboration, the Women in Innovation webinar series. This series was curated by women in innovation for women in innovation.

Natalie Turner, Founder of Women Who Lead and author of the book Yes You Can Innovate, and Sandra Fernholz, Head of Social Impact & Sustainability at HYPE Innovation, will lead conversations on innovation topics with experienced women from multiple industries and cultures. 

In the three-part series, each panelist will share their personal innovation style, as well as their views on being a female leader in male-dominated industries. 
This series provides a female perspective on innovation topics with the goal of encouraging more women to pursue a career in innovation and champion innovation in their organizations.


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Meet the hosts

Sandra Fernholz
Sandra Fernholz Head of Social Impact and Sustainability, HYPE Innovation
Natalie Turner
Natalie Turner Author of "Yes, You Can Innovate", Inventor of The Six 'I's® of Innovation


Session 3: Complex Network Innovation & Processes
October 28, 10:30am CET / 4:30pm SGT 

To conclude the series, in session 3, we will explore the challenges of doing open innovation in complex networks and examine different innovation systems and processes. Don't worry if you missed either of the first two sessions. These webinars are independent of each other. Plus, you can still watch the on-demand recordings by registering above!

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. How to engage partners, suppliers, and customers in accomplishing innovation goals
2. Which different methodologies help build a complex network for innovation
3. Which systems and processes support organizations in managing current and future business


Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan Vice President, Learning & Innovation, Capitaland
Pernille Dahlgaard
Pernille Dahlgaard VP, PSA International
Fiona van den Brink
Fiona van den Brink Innovation Excellence Manager, AkzoNobel

Our network of women spans the globe, and we aim to schedule at least one webinar in a timezone that is convenient for you. If you can't make a webinar due to the time, please still register and we will send you the recording. 

Previous Sessions

Session 1: Technology & Purpose
October 13, 11am ET / 5pm CET / 11pm SGT 

Note: This session has passed. Please register above for the final webinar and you'll receive access to all three on-demand webinars when the series ends.

The first session will be dedicated to the importance of technology in innovation as well as purpose-driven innovation. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. How organizations see their impact on their communities and the world
2. How purpose can function as an essential business driver
3. How technology enables and scales innovation


Brigitte Zeller
Brigitte Zeller Founder, Start'in for Good (former Head of Innovation, Nestle Greater China)
Bettina von Stamm
Bettina von Stamm Director of Awards, Katerva
Suzan Pickels
Suzan Pickels Director Employee Productivity, Innovation and Collaboration, ConocoPhillips

Session 2: Leadership & Culture
October 21, 7:30am ET / 1:30pm CET / 7:30pm SGT

Note: This session has passed. Please register above for the final webinar and you'll receive access to all three on-demand webinars when the series ends.

During the second session, we will discuss innovation management and leadership and examine the effects of cultural facets such as corporate and national culture on innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. How innovation and strategy influence each other
2. How national cultures can have an impact on corporate innovation culture
3. How people play an integral part in innovation


Susanne Miller
Susanne Miller Director Communications and Government Affairs, GSK
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly Senior Innovation Manager, Liberty Global | The Boss, Sarah Says
Claire Chiang
Claire Chiang Co-Founder, The Banyan Tree


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