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The Collaborative Innovation Canvas

A visual tool for managing your innovation management program

innovation-canvas-cover-pageThe Canvas is based on three pillars – Alignment, People, and Process – which are the key driving forces behind a successful innovation management program. In summary, those three areas constitute:

Alignment of the activities to the core business goals and needs. Without which an initiative will likely starve and eventually die. Creating tight alignment means you are in step with the company direction, and are helping to and ways to support direction that through innovation. It’s the fastest way to build acceptance and momentum, while retaining an edge for creativity and exploration.

People are central to any innovation activity – you need the diversity and creativity to generate novel ideas; and you need the discipline and know-how to see them through to implementation. Building a culture which can easily flex between both worlds is the Holy Grail for innovation management.

Processes are what drive repeatable success with innovation management. They are also what enables innovation to be part of the day job. The right processes can turn a fringe innovation program into a systematic, widely adopted, and sustainable business activity.


schema of the collaborative innovation canvas