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Q&A: Why targeted campaigns are crucial to your innovation management campaign




In the second blog post of the "10 Rules of Innovation Management" series, we discussed the details of running a targeted campaign, including dealing with a sponsor that won't commit to a budget, enforcing time limits, and how to moderate a campaign. 

Check out our second "coffee break" webinar to hear from author Roel de Vries as he answers five commonly asked questions about targeted campaigns.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why having a committed sponsor with a budget is so crucial
  • Why simpler, incremental ideas can be better than "radical" ones
  • When to use different campaign modes
  • How using diverse audiences is a game-changer
  • And more

Grab your coffee and watch the webinar!


About the host


Roel de Vries, Enterprise Innovation Consultant, HYPE Innovation
Roel has lived and breathed innovation management for the most significant part of his career. It's where his heart lies. Roel founded, designed and led the global collaborative innovation initiative Spark at Liberty Global for seven years. Roel studied at the renowned Dutch University Nyenrode where he received his Master's degree in Business Administration and the Entrepreneur Award for best startup. Now – as Innovation Management Consultant - he wants to apply this knowledge by helping other organizations in their innovation efforts.
Connect with Roel on LinkedIn: icon_linkedIn 

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